Kualitee! The Most Precise Test Management Tool

Software test management tools really help any development firm to maintain the overall quality of their developed products before their final release. An app will only perform well when it will be perfectly analyzed through comprehensive test management tool with the help of a software testing company. A wide range of test management tools are available out there, but among all Kualitee is the most effective and beneficial one in terms of quality deliverance and test measurement. It delivers the precise analysis of any specific software under development. This tool is available in four different price ranges through which you can achieve the quality of your developed apps and software. Kualitee delivers the following features.
  • A powerful efficiently designed dashboard, which gives the quick status of projects just as you log in. 
  • View ongoing testing projects, their statuses and bug reports in a fully precise fashion.
  • Have a full control on your testing teams as per the requirement of your test needs.
  • It gives you the control in terms of handling builds and modules during test projects.
  • Manage, integrate and progress your testing procedure through Kualitee as it is recognized as the best QA tools among all test management tools. 
  • Its end to end test analysis feature is the best among all which helps you to create a test project with ease and perfection. 
  • Its integrated build features are the most impressive ones, through which you can achieve high-class integration of JIRA
  • With the help of Kualitee, you can prepare as well as can execute a detailed test plan. Through it you can enjoy the full control as well as the use of test cases while implementing regression cycles. 
  • Make copies and reuse these in order to save your time and test analysis cost. Yes, it’s true that the test case writing is a repetitive job, which could take too much time. Kualitee as a testing tool will surely help you to save your overall testing time. You can make copies of your test cases and save these for reusability.
  • As a QA analyst of a software testing company, you can create custom test reports in any kind of format (PDF, Excel or Word) through Kualitee. 
  • Kualitee will help you to experience a stress-free environment so as to manage your testing lifecycle. You can achieve the quality of your developed IT product with ease and perfection.


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