Kualitee is the Best Test Management Tool - Why?

To ensure the overall quality of IT solutions, test case management tools play a significant role. These tools help users to maintain quality by reliably identifying the bugs. Software testing is a continuous process that delivers the expected results if employed out through reliable test management tools. Kualitee is rated among the top of the line software testing tools and is widely used by QA professionals of a software testing company. This particular test analysis tool delivers the following test analysis outcomes.

Project Management at Its Best

  • With its powerfully designed dashboard, Kualitee gives a quick status of all the projects soon as you log them. You can quickly view the ongoing testing projects and also their statuses regarding test scenarios and test cases.
  • Kualitee is a kind of a test management tool that enables you to cover all of your test requirement in an intelligent manner and achieve optimum quality. 
  • Its unique export feature allows you to convert your work to pdf, excel, and word format. 
  • Test case management tools deliver a detailed picture of types of defects. You can easily capture a bug by reporting different aspects of abnormalities by using Kualitee as your testing tool. 
  • Kualitee will provide a stress-free environment to manage your testing lifecycle. You don’t have to bear any added cost of installing a separate hardware. You can use it anywhere by just accessing it through the web or your mobile.
  • If you want to check out the stability statuses of your software without facing any problem, then Kualitee can help you achieve that. From macro to micro level, you can see the details for each bug. 
  • You can have full control on your test management process using Kualitee. As a QA tester of a software testing company, you can choose test cases and reuse them for your next regression cycles.
  • Considered among the top most influential project management module, Kualitee lets you manage, create and integrate test projects to achieve the desired test analysis results. 
  • Managing test teams with Kualitee is effortless. You can quickly add new users as per your available package.

Ending Note:

Using software testing tools is now an essential approach to rectify bugs and imperfections at the initial stage of the development lifecycle. Kualitee is the best available software test management tool with plenty of test analysis benefits. It’s the best choice of QA professionals around the globe to maintain quality for a long-lasting time.


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