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Kualitee Is An Ultimate Test Management Solution

Business professionals and managers are always keen to have an issue tracking software in their organization so as to have a perfect root cause analysis of bugs and vulnerabilities. All of these issue tracking software required to be tested out via a comprehensive and result oriented test management solution, having the quality to establish reliability in results. A wide range of test management tools are available in market, but among all; Kualitee is the most advanced and proficient one in terms of bug management and defect management. Kualitee help it’s users to cover all test management requirements thoroughly with detailed test management plan. It will allow to use and execute test cases and reuse these during the regression test analysis. Likewise the other available test management tools, Kualitee allow its users to export testing results in a Pdf or word format. Development mangers of issue tracking software have to make it sure that, they have purchased a test management so…