A Luxurious Look & Glass Metal Body! LG G6 For You

News are coming, that LG is going to launch their new G series flagship phone in next coming months and it will be named as LG G6. It will be cost around £490 or $600. A luxurious look with metal glass body; that is what LG will have for their smartphone users in this mobile. Rumors are also there that this fully featured smartphone might have an aluminum body. This phone will have no modules as compared to its previous versions. It is an innovatively designed smartphone, with dubbed QHD resolution. According to an official at LG “this phone will have Dubbed QHD+, screen of 1440 x 2880, a pixel density of 564 pixels per inch. It's also apparently 30% less power hungry than the previous generation of LG QHD displays”. So overall this device looks interesting.
  • Super Speedy Wireless Charging
  • An efficient Headphone port 
  • Snap dragon 835 processer 
  • 6 GB of RAM ( Not sure yet) 
  • A duel lens camera 
  • Removable battery 
  • 5.7 inch QHD display 
  • 18:9 aspect ratio 
  • OLED Panels 
As the smartphone will going to be available in market in next few months, so we are not confirmed about the fingerprint scanners. There are more that 80% of chances that this perfectly designed phone will have function of finger print scanning. Wireless charging will be its unique selling point LG G6 and LG management is hopeful that they will get a great worldwide response. Price of this smartphone might fluctuate over the period of time as per the domestic market niche or customer demands. Analysts are given 8/10 rating to LG G6, and hopeful about its domination in worldwide smartphone markets in future months. Initial response of users towards the purchase of this smartphone will really matter.


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