iPhone Spy Software: Simplistic Yet Powerful

There is a buzz about iPhone spy software and for each brick that one pulls; it’s likely that iPhone spy software might emerge. Every x, and z company is introducing their iPhone spy software every day and you wonder what’s up with this rat race?

Obviously for most of the software companies it is a moneymaking gimmick but making a wrong choice can possibly make you regret your decision. If you don’t want to experiment, try StealthGenie iPhone spy software. We bet you won’t regret it even once!

What Is StealthGenie?

StealthGenie is front-line iPhone spy software that helps the user to spy on one’s kids or employees in stealth mode. If a cell phone spy isn’t stealth; it’s not worth a dime and StealthGenie understands it best. You can remotely monitor all the phone contents and can also trace your kids or employees through GPS.

Spying iPhone with StealthGenie:

iPhone spying with StealthGenie is the easiest. Simply install the software on the target iPhone after purchasing it from the official website. You will be assigned a member’s area on the website where you can remotely monitor all phone contents. StealthGenieiPhone spy software lets you:

Read and redirect SMS
Record calls and phone surroundings
View contacts and call history
Trigger alerts for words, contacts and SIM card changes
View phone contents and appointments
Check e-mails and web history
Trace geo-location and location history
Remote control panel
Backup and delete phone data remotely

No matter if you have growing children who tend to be over-secretive or employees you fear might be spilling secrets to the rivals, StealthGenie iPhone spy software is here by your side informing you about the minutest details even.

Get to know your children more closely as you can read all their SMS and listen to call recordings. If you fear your kids might be getting involved in drugs, get them out of the menace before they go too far by trigger word alerts like ‘drugs’, ‘heroine’ etc. and get instant alerts when the word is used in any SMS.

Similarly keep a check on your employees by reading al their e-mails and listening to phone surroundings for a better idea what they talk with other employees and clients at meetings.

iPhone spy software is best understood by StealthGenie and the hiking sales figures is the testimonial. So make up your mind and start spying your kids and employees in a whole new perspective.


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