Difference between Security Testing and Penetration Testing

If you want to understand the difference between security testing and penetration testing you to have to realize the scope of these testing terms. Security testing refers to a testing scenario which involves penetration test, vulnerability assessments and security audits of a particular IT infrastructure, program or software. So it means that scope of security testing is greater in comparison to penetration testing. Penetration testing is an essential part of security testing which involve testing of the defense of an IT system by breaking it into parts. With the emergence of new financial software and programs, it becomes necessary for software development firms to conduct proper penetration analysis of their software with consistent time intervals so as to maintain required security parameters. Penetration testing frameworks involve 

  • Physical penetration assessment of an Infrastructure
  • Web application/software penetration testing
  • Wireless penetration analysis framework 
  •  Voice over Internet protocols pen test mechanism 

The Nature of Penetration Testing & Its Significance for Financial IT infrastructures

Penetration testing is a kind of black box testing process, where a security analyst breaks down a particular IT infrastructure, program, software or application into its servers to find out the probability of any intervention which could be carried out by potential intruders. It reflects the real time scenarios and test results which are helpful to reduce the likelihood of any security vulnerability. For financial institutions, it’s obligatory to implement accurate and resourceful penetration tests by hiring a security testing company to restrain the quality of their services. Money & Capital Markets, as well as trading houses, use penetration testing technique to remove any security vulnerabilities and financial inefficiencies attached to their financial services or products in near future. Financial intermediaries involve in completion of penetration testing are 

  • Mortgage & Leasing Bank
  • worldwide stock exchanges & Trading houses
  • Mutual Saving Fund 
  • Investment & Pension Funds
  • Brokerage houses & Worldwide Insurance Corporations 

Security Testing Framework and its Scope

Security testing is a broad term which includes security audits, code reviews, cloud security analysis and penetration analysis of a specific IT infrastructure and software or program. Information assets play a vital role in any business success. Any security vulnerability or inefficiency will lead to an increase in overall customers quit rate and as a result; any business has to bear a high cost of service recovery. 
As per the Gartner (IT Research Company) more that 70% of the security breaches occur, because of any existing security flaw in an IT infrastructure or program. The only way to maintain the security standards is to hire a security testing company, which has required knowledge and experience of conducting security audits, security code reviews and pen tests in a resourceful way.


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