Testing Protocols for roomMaster Software

RoomMaster is a fully featured hotel property management software specially designed and developed for more than one hundred countries location. This software is designed to cope the needs of hotel and property market. It offers fully integrated suite for their customers to manage the working of their front office, property management, central reservation, housekeeping and large resorts. Over a period of time roomMaster is emerged as the top most hotel management software as compared to its rivals. Its complete users friendly and efficiently quick to be up and running. Import-export wizards efficiently simplify the import, export wizard over data such as guest profiles, accounts, and invoices. Its users friendly and quick to be up and running. This software comes with additional features with unique to hospitality features of the hotel industry. roomMaster can easily be linked to booking.com and Expedia.

The Need of Kualitee as a test process management tool

The quality assurance team of roomMaster has to employ those test process management tools during the evaluation process which will help them to access the preciseness in performance. For that purpose, they must have to use Kualitee as it has the ingredients of test management, defect management, and project management. It’s beautifully designed and developed interface will allow the developers of roomMaster to conduct testing in a precise and easiest way. They can get the instant notifications about the bugs and any kind of inefficiencies via mail when using Kualitee as a testing tool.

Quality control manager can create roles and privileges during the accomplishment of testing. They can select and apply privileges like admin tester, developer, tester or test manager. Testers will not have to face any breach of security problem while using Kualitee as the test process management tool. All kinds of permissions and denials will be controlled by the administrator. Regular backups will also be there to ensure recoverability any time. It’s always difficult to get product stable in a single testing lifecycle. Kualitee will ensure the complete control in running multiple tests and making it possible for the developers to have a matured product at the time of its release. Enhanced maturity will improve software overall desired utility and complete sustainability in its performance. Reporting of bugs with multiple options is the most admired feature of Kualitee that permits its users to transform bugs and vulnerability in the shape of pdf, word or excel format.


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